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Creating users for Object Storage Gateway

Name: Creating users for Object Storage Gateway
Description: How to create a user for the ceph object storage gateway
Modification date :24/10/2018
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Tags: ceph, object storage

Variables used in this documentation

Name Description Sample
${THEUSERNAME} The username to be created
export THEUSERNAME="newuser"


Remember that you must copy the values provided by radosgw-admin as that will be the user+pass hash'es to connect to the gw.

You can create it connected to the admin node:

sudo radosgw-admin user create --uid="${THEUSERNAME}" --display-name="${THEUSERNAME} user"
sudo radosgw-admin subuser create --uid=${THEUSERNAME} --subuser=${THEUSERNAME} --access=full
sudo radosgw-admin key create --subuser=${THEUSERNAME}:swift --key-type=swift --gen-secret
sudo radosgw-admin user modify --uid=${THEUSERNAME} --max-buckets=1

Limiting buckets:

sudo radosgw-admin user modify --uid=${THEUSERNAME} --max-buckets=1


sudo radosgw-admin user info --uid=${THEUSERNAME}

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