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Modifying ceph.conf

Name: Modifying ceph.conf
Description: Modifying ceph.conf all over the cluster
Modification date :28/06/2018
Notify changes to:Owner
Tags:ceph, object storage
Scalate to:The_fucking_bofh

Variables used in this documentation

Name Description Sample
${LISTOFSERVERS} Variable used as ceph-deploy target
export LISTOFSERVERS="bvmlb-osm-001 bvmlb-osd-001"


Log into the admin server (the one which has the ceph deploy configs).
It uses to be the “osadm” node or the 1st mon node for example.
cd to the config folder:

cd ceph-deploy

Modify ceph.conf (always take care with this…)
And push the config file trough the cluster:

ceph-deploy --overwrite-conf config push ${LISTOFSERVERS}
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